Candy Bay Trees

Available as Table Centrepieces:

The candy trees are placed on a 30cm round mirror and decorated with t-lights (in a glass holder) and scatter diamonds or petals in the centre of the table.

Small Ferrero Rocher Tree - 55 Sweets
Medium Ferrero Rocher Tree - 120 Sweets
Large Ferrero Rocher Tree - 200

Sweets Small Ferrero Rocher Cone - 55 Sweets
Medium Ferrero Rocher Cone - 110 Sweets

Liquorice Alsorts Cone
Liquorice Alsorts Small Tree
Liquorice wheel and Diamond Tree

Flying Saucers Tree
Pink And White Mallow Tree
Multi coloured Marshmallow Tree
Chupa Chup Tree - 100 Lollies